Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn and my drainers

Every fall I get a burst of energy. It may come from knowing the threat of heat from the summer is past (summer is my least favorite season) or it may come from many decades of being a teacher and having September be the first of the year. Maybe some of it is just inherently human or human from the North. The urge to create a winter nest, to put food away for the winter, to plan for survival. While I live in the temperate climate of western Oregon and have never canned in my life, I still feel an urge to make everything tidy for the coming dark. And that includes attending to my drainers.

I got the idea and the word from Cheryl Richardson. Drainers are those little things around the house that nag at us. They drain energy each time we see them and think "I need to take care of that," whatever that might be.

Here is a list of my drainers:
Wax the car
Repair the seat cushion that has come undone from the ties that secure it to the chair.
Move the cooling fans to the basement
Clean out the refrigerator
Take my winter coat to the cleaners
Get new gloves
Fix the broken switch on the bedside light
Get the front door knob fixed
Repaint the kitchen
Get a flu shot
Figure out what is wrong with the scanning feature on my printer
Figure out how to get more oomph out of my wifi

I'm happy to report that almost all of these are done. I'm waiting on an estimate for the kitchen painting and I can't seem to fix the door knob hard as I try so I'll need help with that one. But every day I've tackled one and I'm feeling very ready for the change in season.

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