Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Identify theft

No, I didn't lose my wallet or have my credit card number pilfered. I'm talking about another woman giving me a bad name and not for the first time.

When I got ready to launch my website, a search showed that was already taken.

I already knew there were other Jill Kellys in the world. For several years in the 1980s, I was pestered by creditors wanting to repossess the car of Jill F. Kelly. Such communication was all done by phone in those days and month after month I'd get calls asking for money and threatening my credit, even though I was Jill B. Kelly and could prove it. The in the late 1990s, I was working for Oregon Health and Sciences University as a contract instructor. When my paycheck arrived one month, it was for nearly three times the usual pitiful amount. I noticed that it was made out to Jill R. Kelly. OHSU had two employees with the same name (and different jobs and different SS numbers and addresses). They were very embarrassed at the error.

I even found other books authored by Dr. Jill Kelly, one a fantasy novelist, the other an academic writing on religious history. Another Jill Kelly was a ghostwriter for country and western stars. So I knew I wasn't unique although I think I believed that for a long time.

Back to my website. was taken all right and by an apparently famous porn star. She appears in countless porn magazines and films, and you have to pay to get into her site so I haven't seen it.  In addition, a trucker in Arkansas is one of her biggest fans and has a Jill Kelly blog where he pours out his adoration. Jill Kelly isn't this woman's real name and hence my feeling of identify theft. But I can tell from her home page that my body parts are more real than hers.

Now there's Gilberte "Jill" Khawam Kelley, thoroughly mixed into the Petraeus scandal. She looks a bit more like me than the porn star, but Jill isn't her name either so my identity is again being taken over and my name, although not myself, dragged through the mud.

It's a good thing I'm not attached to it. :)

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