Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Women have amazing stories

I'm wrapping up a great week in Florida and heading home to Portland today. Karen Casey, author of Each Day A New Beginning and a gazillion other books, and I led a 2-day workshop for women called Women Writing, Women Healing here in Karen's winter home of Naples. We had 27 wonderful women in the workshop and heard some amazing stories.

Women wrote of their grief around loss, their anger around personal and impersonal violence, their healing relationships with family members, and their shoes. :) We did a lot of deep looking into personal space and we did some fun assignments (shoes, handbags) as well.

I was so impressed by the stories and even more impressed by the courage of women to speak of their deepest feelings, both joys and fears, when they got up and read to us! The writing was clear, honest, and heartfelt. I was deeply moved and deeply inspired. May all women write their stories!

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