Sunday, March 3, 2013

A whatever-comes-next day

I got back from Nashville last night. About 10 hours of airports and airplanes, including the dirty, noisy, slots-ridden monstrosity of Las Vegas International Airport. I was glad to be home, glad for some solitude, and very tired from my Tennessee adventures. So other than the gym this morning with my gym buddy, I opted for a whatever-comes-next day today.

It's just like it sounds. You don't have plans, you just do whatever occurs to you to do next, whatever strikes your fancy. I did have a date to go to the gym and I needed to shop for food, but those were done by 10:30 and the rest of the day was free.

Here's some of what I did: Balanced my check book, played with my cats, very slowly unpacked and put things away from the trip, ordered a stylus for my iPad, snuggled with Frannie, got some checks endorsed for a deposit, emailed two friends, unpacked my new juicer, cleaned the litter box thoroughly, chased Sammy around, massaged my feet, roasted some vegetables, looked through a couple of catalogs (art supplies), finished a magazine article I started on the plane, took out the garbage, installed iCloud on my computer and uploaded photos I took on my trip. Printed out 5 of the photos for use in the studio. Made my first juice (apple, carrot, cucumber). Sent a couple of thank-you notes. Took a shower.

This seems like a lot but it didn't feel like a lot. It didn't feel like a burden or a duty or an obligation. It felt spacious and open. Anybody else do this?


Vicki said...

I call these days "Give A Moose A Muffin Day", after the kid's book of the same name. In the book the moose gets a muffin and that muffin leads him from one place to another with no plan.

I love these days, I'll clean a bookshelf, find a cookbook, find a recipe, go to the store for ingredients...all without a plan. It makes me feel free and creative and relaxed.

Glad you had a great day.

Lily Gael said...

These are favorite days of mine; I call them 'dinking around days' or 'noodling around days' or 'following my intuition days.' I think of them as practicing Real Life, the real flow of life. I don't want to forget what Real Life feels like. Often I end up outside, sometimes looking at things: squirrels, birds, and often digging, planting, pruning in my yard. I read a few of a book, look at all the NewYorker jokes, take a long shower and sing.