Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 10 A question from a reader

In response to my list of all the things that I need to change, a reader asked what I will gain. That's an excellent question and one I can't answer with any certainty at this point. However, I can't help but think that I will be healthier.

Like any food plan, there's controversy around this one, partly I think because it is counter-cultural. For decades, we've been told by the Dairy Council that we need to eat a lot of dairy, even though other foods contain calcium, and by the Meat Council that we need to eat a lot of meat because we need a lot of protein, even though other foods contain protein. But no matter what the food plan or its controversies, no one says "Don't eat fresh organic vegetables. They're bad for you." No one. So I expect to be healthier.

I expect I'll lose some weight. I'm not eating much starch or fat. Unless something is completely wonky with my metabolism, I should be burning fat on this plan. I've never had trouble losing weight before. I've just always gone back to again eating what I want when I want in response to emotions and cravings. That is an excellent recipe for regaining weight and I've perfected it.

Many of the people who eat this way get off their prescription medications and reverse some of their health issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol or high blood sugar. If my issues are diet-influenced, then that should change for me too.

But right now I'm keeping my expectations on the back burner and just learning to eat differently.

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