Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 12 The surprise witching hour

I've been assuming that evenings would be the hard part of the new food plan. I'm used to eating dinner and then snacking as I wished most of the evening. Sure they were low-sugar, low-fat snacks but I ate a lot of them, enough to help keep the weight on. And most evenings I watch some TV and that has been an incestuous relationship, food and TV. So I expected that eating dinner earlier and not eating after dinner would be the time of biggest cravings.

But it's not. 4 pm is the witching hour instead.

I eat my breakfast and go about my day and I feel pretty good. I eat lunch and I'm still okay. But the afternoon wears on and lunch wears off and it's too long until dinner. I get hungry. I fix an allowed snack but it's not enough and I eat another allowed snack and what I really want is a candy bar or six or a lot of cheese or a lot of bread and butter.

I'm not eating those things. But I'm eating more than I want to and more than is on my plan.

Some of the need is physical. A big salad at lunch isn't going to carry me 6 hours, even if I eat turkey or chicken or beans with the salad. So I need to devise some snacks that are a mini-meal, not just a little bit of food. Or maybe I need four meals a day and should break up my dinner food in some way.

But some of it is also psychological, I suspect. By 4 or 4:30, I'm ready to be done with the day and I usually still have an hour or two of paid work that I need to put in. And I want a reward for sticking with it. I'm used to rewarding myself at 4, for work well done and the discipline to hang in there for a while longer. Maybe I will also have to look at reorganizing my day.

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