Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 17 Hunger? Craving? Need? Desire?

Today I've been struggling to sort out the messages from my body--and my mind. It's a vegetable/fruit smoothie day on my plan, which means a quart of green juice smoothied with more veggies and some fruit and consumed by noon. I drank the first half before I went to the gym (had a good workout) and when I got home, drinking more of it seemed impossible. I was hungry and so I ate a hard-boiled egg, opting to have my animal protein early in the day. An hour later, I finished the smoothie and  ate the other allotted egg. But all morning, I didn't feel satisfied.

I didn't know if I was still hungry or needing something specific. I didn't know if I was just desiring more food or a different taste or if I was craving the feeling of being sated, which I don't get now. I couldn't read the cues. I've indulged my mouth for so long, I've little idea what my body is saying.

When lunchtime came, a big salad (aka greens and veggies and a little dressing) was on the plan. And suddenly I knew I needed more protein so I cut up some turkey and added it to the salad. That felt right, both intuitively and physically, even though more animal protein wasn't on the plan.

A couple of hours later I found myself pacing between the office and the kitchen. I was restless. But was it mental? Physical? Emotional? Or was I hungry? I remembered my coach saying drink a big glass of water to see if it's thirst and that seemed to be what it was. I was able to settle down and go back to work. I had a snack at 4:30 and went to an evening event. I fixed soup when I got home and it was good but it wasn't enough. And I ate two different snacks. Was it hunger? Craving? Need? Desire? Not sure how to figure this stuff out.

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zbmeredith said...

What you are called to do now is to ride it out - not figure it out. Just hang in there, using whatever strategies work (including adding in more protein or more quantity of veggies)....and know that just noticing what is happening is increasing your capacity to navigate these waters more effectively in the future.