Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 19 Lookin' good!

Yesterday I drove down to Corvallis with my brother-in-law, photographer David Cobb. We were both being interviewed, separately, for a cable access TV show on books and writers called Back Page. The timing had worked out for us to be taped on the same day so we could drive together.

The interviewer, Jody Seay, had instructed us not to wear prints or hot pink or white as they don't work well on screen. So I dressed in my basic black dress-up outfit, black slacks and a black top.

Since I haven't been weighing myself (once a month is my agreement with the couch), I only have my clothes to tell me about weight loss or weight shift as I like to think of it. And my gym clothes have been a little looser as the days have gone by. But I always wear loose, comfortable clothes (I did when I was thin too) so  it's not been too noticeable.

But yesterday when I got dressed and checked the full-length mirror on the hall closet door, my clothes fit really well. I looked different. And my skin looked good and my neck wasn't so thick. And I felt good in my clothes in a way I haven't for a long time. I went into that interview with more thought to what I would say and less concern about how I looked. It was really nice.

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