Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day #9 What I'm beginning to experience

This is day 9 off wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, and processed foods. I'm limiting animal protein to 4 oz. a day of lean, clean meat or eggs. Eating a ton of leafy greens, other vegetables, some fruit, beans occasionally. Here are my first noticings:

1. I am more cheerful. I don't know if I'm happier, but I am definitely more cheerful. I also seem to be a little more outgoing and friendly with folks.
2. My skin is much less dry. I'd been going through lotion like crazy and assumed it was just the post-menopausal body but I'm thinking now that I was dehydrated on some deep level.
3. I have little interest in or need for caffeine. I've been off coffee for years and been drinking mostly decaf tea, but I'm not interested even in that anymore. While I need a snack at 4, I don't need a jolt.
4. I'm beginning to enjoy the green juice and smoothies a lot. They taste good to me now, instead of passable.
5. I'm starting to have some small recognition of hungry and not-hungry, enough and need more. I ignored any of those cues for a long time, feeding my mouth and cravings more than my hunger or energy levels.

I find this all quite interesting and exciting.

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