Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making the food plan work for me and working with it

I made it through the second day and met a first big hurdle: eating out. If I'd done this cleanse week last week, I wouldn't have been faced with this challenge. I had a much easier social calendar and no meals out last week. But this week is this week and my brother and his family were in town and we met for a  meal. I had two choices: eat before I go or make it work for me.

I asked to choose the restaurant from everybody's suggestions and I checked out the menus on line. Two places had nothing simple at all on the menu but the third choice, a tavern, had some reasonable options so we went there.

I asked the waiter about food prep and learned that the Brussell sprouts were braised in olive oil with seasonings and some butter, but the butter could be left out as they were cooked to order. I ordered a small simple burger (with nothing) and the waiter suggested a spinach salad (red onion) with vinaigrette on the side. Perfect. I got in another serving of greens, a very tasty vegetable, and meat, which I'm allowed in small portions. It was a bit more than 4 ounces but I didn't have meat yesterday and that seemed okay.

Others at the table were eating huge mounds of French fries, fancy burgers with cheese and other stuff, and two people ordered the signature dish of fried chicken on a waffle with maple syrup. The waffle looked great. I do love sweet carbs but I enjoyed my meal immensely and felt fine afterwards. I have another meal date this week, a work appointment, and I going to email right now and change the venue to one with a big salad bar. I need to make all this work for me.

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