Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 21 Moving into nourishment

The Truth about Pleasure

The truth is, we don’t really want to be free from desire or to admit that clinging to the pleasures of the senses—the taste of delicious food; the sound of music, gossip, or a joke; the touch of a sexual embrace—ends unavoidably in disappointment and suffering. We don’t have to deny that pleasant feelings are pleasurable. But we must remember that like every other feeling, pleasure is impermanent.
- Bhante Gunaratana, "Desire and Craving"

The quote above came into my mailbox yesterday morning. And I found it very true. I have seen the impermanence of my desires for certain men, even for alcohol. They have faded. I suspect my desire for certain foods will fade too. I no longer miss ice cream with the deep craving I had for it three and a half years ago when I stopped eating it. 

But I do not really want to be free from my desire to be sated and sedated. That is so much bigger an issue for me than another Almond Joy or scalloped potatoes or four-cheese pizza. I want relief from the agitation of life, whether that agitation is external or internal, and I want a surfeit of pleasure to fix that. I have ample proof that that fixing too is impermanent. Everything arises and passes away. 

So now I am sitting in lessons of learning how impermanent both pleasure from food and the need for more than enough really is. 

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of the Pema Chodron quote: "let everything happen to you; beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."