Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 22 The siren call of the old ways

The last couple of days I've been struggling to stay on the food plan. I'm not tired of what I'm eating. I've fallen in love with the endless possibilities of the juicer and all the combinations of flavors that can be mixed and matched. I love the smoothie every day and again the possibilities of fruits and vegetable combinations are great. There's a lot of variety and many food possibilities for the other meals so I'm not bored. And, surprisingly, I don't have a particular craving for a food like candy or butter or cheese. I don't have an urge to run down to the Plaid Pantry and buy Cheetos or a Snickers or to go get pizza.

In essence, it isn't the foods that are the issue. It's the plan. It's 3 meals a day and a snack and most of that vegetables. A big salad at lunch fills me up but doesn't sate me. And I want to be sated. I want to feel that what I've eaten is enough and stop thinking about it and it doesn't happen. Oddly, it's not sugar I want but fat or maybe it's animal protein. If I eat meat, I feel sated. If I eat a couple of eggs, same thing. If I just eat vegetables, no.

I'll be talking with my coach this week again and this will be on my agenda. Of course, my impatient self thinks that my many decades of eating one way should have subsided by now and the new way, all 3 weeks of it, should be running the show. Patience..not my strong suit.

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