Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 25: At some of these we balked

I'm finding myself bumping up against the authority figure (my health coach) and my own intuitive knowings. Each coaching session she has a wealth of suggestions to make and some of them seem contradictory to me. They come by me so fast during our hour on the phone that it takes some time for me think about them later. I have to remember that they are suggestions and that in the end, it is my body and my food plan.

I don't think I'm balking at her ideas because I want to find an easier, softer way, as we say in the program. I think I'm balking at having it be more complicated than it already is. Even though I've expressed no desire to go vegan or even vegetarian, she keeps bringing that up. She keeps talking about a low-glycemic index plan although I've said I'm not interested in that either for now. Now she's talking about an alkaline diet and a yeast-overgrowth-killing fast and my head spins and I'm thinking, wait, wait, I just want to eat better for my body and lose some weight.

Perhaps like many converts to an enthusiasm, she has so many ideas, so much she wants to share that it tumbles out unbidden, like Bible verses in inappropriate moments from the born-again. Fortunately, I have my own set of brakes and know how to use them. So I'm learning to take it all with a grain of low-sodium salt and just keep on my plan.

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