Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 27 A brief yearning for the old way

Just came back from the first family dinner party since I've been on the food plan. I'd checked with the hostess and knew there would be salmon, a quinoa dish, roasted brussel sprouts, and I was making a big mixed green salad with raw veggies. I asked the hostess if she could forego butter for olive oil; no problem!

I'd not eaten much during the day: green smoothie, a bit of oatmeal with fruit and almond milk, so I was hungry when I got there. I passed on the sparkling cider (too much sugar) and just had sparkling water. Then I got a medium piece of salmon and a big helping of salad. But when I helped myself to the quinoa , I discovered it had cheese and then to the brussel sprouts,  also with cheese. I had to pass on the baguette and  the butter going around with it. I passed on the yummy-looking cookie crust/blueberry/whipped cream dessert. Just me and some salmon and salad (and a few brussel sprouts from the bottom of the bowl free of cheese).

Don't get me wrong. It was very tasty--the salmon just perfect and I'd made a great salad. But I had a few minutes of yearning. Not for the foods themselves, but for the nonchalance of eating whatever I wanted without thinking about ingredients or how much olive oil was in the sprouts or putting the quinoa spoon down after I saw the feta cheese in it. I missed being heedless, thinking only about the enjoyment of my mouth and not the health of my body.

Then I helped with the dishes and headed for home and a cup of tea. My commitment was not shaken but my old yearnings were stirred.  

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