Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 28 Planning and flexibility

I've never been much on budgeting, not money, not time, and certainly not food. I don't make shopping lists, I don't create a week's menus. I stopped doing OA when they wanted me to write down what I was going to eat and then stick to it. Food is an area of my life where I have always wanted maximum spontaneity and zero restrictions. But as I move deeper into this new food plan, this new way of being both with food and in my body, I can see that some changes in that direction might be helpful. 

First, it is proving very helpful to have only healthy foods on hand: vegetables, both cooked and raw; fruit, some nuts, rice cakes, gluten-free bread, vegetarian chili, soups (homemade and Amy's organic canned), and green juice. When I can't ride through a craving and I just have to eat something, I can eat something good for me. 

Second, I'm finding it a good idea to figure out in the morning what my meals are going to look like as I figure out what my day is going to look like. This morning was a steel-cut oats breakfast with berries and pecans and almond milk (and a little maple agave). Lunch could be a smoothie or a salad. I knew I was having dinner out with a friend and that we'd get gourmet Indian (chicken and rice and salad). I had the oatmeal, was hungry before lunch came around and I just didn't want a salad or a smoothie. So I had a slice toast with measured-out peanut butter and an orange and two hours later a bowl of homemade soup (cauliflower, celery, spinach, and potato). My need to eat settled down then and I was good until dinner. But knowing I would have meat for dinner meant no meat at lunch as I keep meat down to about 4 oz a day. 

Third, I'm reflecting each day on what I ate and when and why. Nothing systematic, nothing rigid. Just looking for patterns of hunger: what's enough, what's not. What might be emotional instead of physical. Just getting to know myself better instead of just sticking something in my mouth with little to no thought. 

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