Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 30 Eating with the Tribe, then and now

After I posted about the family dinner party, my friend Lily sent me these thoughts: "I wonder if this desire to eat what's put out to share at a family or family/friend meal isn't a throw back to being part of the Tribe, a way to identify deeply with the other bodies we share so much of everything else with, including love. Maybe, in transforming our eating, we will become part of the new Tribe that is forming to meet the new and important challenges that are so critical to both our human health needs and to the needs of our planet. Challenges to our ecosystem and climatic sensibilities that are not coming sometime in the distant future; they are happening now. Seems in all good conscious we need to become true, and awake sooner rather than later. Sometimes it sucks to be (yet again?) a pioneer, the comfort of the Food-Home we're leaving behind is tempting to return to, especially when we join-in again, share a meal and find that we still very much desire to be one among many, a part of family, something greater than our individual self.
I wonder if I can sink into feelings of being a part of the group, the family, the Bigger Life, and still stay awake and loyal to what I've committed to and what my body is responding to like the spring night-Moth responds to the waiting Trillium blooms."

I was moved by Lily's thinking: the desire to be part of the old way, the old group. I remember mourning the demise of our family's pie events. My sister Kerry makes fabulous pie and we used to gather in the summer every few weeks for a pie fest. Huge slabs with ice cream. We'd laugh and joke and thoroughly enjoy the pie and each other. It was a celebration of food and us.

This kind of celebration is harder somehow to have over a big salad at New Seasons or small bowl of lentil stew and beets. Maybe some day that will feel celebratory. Maybe not. But I do want to stay awake and loyal to what I am committed to and what my body is responding to, as Lily says. Maybe the challenge is to live in two tribes: the old and the new. 

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