Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 31 Even though I knew from experience...

that candy and I are not a good combination, I thought I could handle dark chocolate bars in the house. Small amounts of dark chocolate (1-2 squares) are okay on my food plan. They are plant-based, low sugar if you pick the right ones, and have some potential health benefits.

I love milk chocolate, not dark chocolate, and so I thought it would be all right. And I conveniently forgot all the warning signs. I found a dark chocolate bar with sea salt that I really liked. For 3 days, I eat more than 1-2 squares but still pretty moderately. Then I found myself thinking about that kind most of the morning and then "needed" bananas and limes at the store that carries that particular bar and I bought not just one, but four. And I proceeded to eat two of them this afternoon in about 15 minutes. And since about 4 pm, I've felt pretty awful. I have a serious caffeine buzz going, a bit of nausea from the sugar, and just general yuckiness that is not what I want.

I'm glad it happened quickly. I didn't go weeks of holding back and then jump in. I just jumped in and I don't want to feel this way or be run by food like that. I want to go back to feeling good and I mean right now. So I'm going to bed and hoping the hangover won't be too bad tomorrow and that I will remember this yuckiness as the "how it used to be" tape that I can replay when I'm tempted.

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