Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 34 Some things that make my food plan easy to do

1. I like vegetables. I like them a lot and almost all of them. (I'm not crazy about lima beans.)

2. I love the juicer. I love the juice and the process of making it and don't mind cleaning up afterwards and it is a way to consume many, many more nutrients.

3. Maple agave syrup. A great flavorful substitute for brown sugar on my every-other-day oatmeal.

4. I live close to two New Seasons markets, a Whole Foods, and a revamped Fred Meyer's with a big organic section.

5. I have a great coach. (

6. I have a great buddy in this project (my good friend Lily).

7. I have a lot of experience making big changes (giving up alcohol 23 years ago, giving up dessert 3 years ago).

8. My body is responding well. I feel better and better.

9. I don't have to count calories, measure portions, or keep track of anything, with the exception of limiting animal protein to one 4-oz. serving a day. And that's not as hard as I thought it would be.

10. All of my friends and family are supportive and flexible about eating with me in places that accommodate my plan.

11. Some of my friends are getting on their own plans.

12. Eating this way is making a lot of things in my life easier.

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