Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 35 Intentional living, intentional eating

If you've been following my blog for a good while, you know I've been taking on each January an intention for the year. No resolutions, no big list of give-ups, rahter being willing to take on some way of being that will enrich my life. The first year it was "Never be in a hurry again." I practiced and practiced. I stopped going through yellow lights, I stopped answering the phone on my way out the door, I stopped cramming in one last task before I left for an appointment. I started leaving 10 minutes early for those appointments. And it worked. I am seldom in a hurry and when someone apologizes to me with a "thanks for waiting" or "sorry to keep you waiting," most times I can honestly say, "I'm never in a hurry."

Next came "be more rested," then "work differently for less stress," and then "step more fully into my creative life." All of these have manifested in some profound ways over the last years. I still work at them, reminding myself of my intentions but they have changed my life.

Now I find myself entering this phase of intentional eating, eating for health, eating to feel great. And I'm finding that this way of eating is good support for my other intentions. I'm going about my day differently. I'm keeping my schedule more open, spending more time in the studio, more time reading and relaxing. I don't feel that hurry of anxiety that was a constant companion.

I don't know if living into the other intentions made intentional eating more possible but I'm delighted that they are interacting in such a positive way.

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