Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 36 My addict self showed up on the clean-up crew

In a related activity to my new food plan, my women's group, called Soul Strippers, has been taking on decluttering and cleaning challenges, so appropriate for the spring. Our  first week the challenge was called "Yessir, yessir, 3 bags full" and the challenge was to discard 3 grocery bags of stuff (garbage, Goodwill). the next week it was to get rid of 10 chotchkes/objets d'art/knickknacks (my family calls these STDs--shit to dust). This last week our challenge was to clean out the medicine cabinet of drugs, remedies, supplements. To take stock and discard stuff. I got around to it today, just under the wire. I hadn't been dragging my feet. Just didn't find the time. 

I couldn't believe the dates on some of the stuff in my medicine cabinet and how many unused supplements I have. So I set in and got pretty ruthless about discarding stuff until my addict self showed up. In the cabinet were several mind-altering drugs: an antidepressant/sleep aid and a muscle relaxer. It didn't matter that they were expired or prescribed for conditions I no longer have. There was a part of me, a very noisy and logical part of me, that didn't want to throw them away. Just in case. 

That old self hasn't been around in quite a while. I didn't listen for more than a minute to what she had to say. Out they went but it was interesting to have her come for a visit. 

Next week the challenge is linens. I don't think she'll come for that one. :)

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