Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 37 Something I'm realizing about hunger

I've been emailing with my health coach about foods and quantities. I'm conscious of eating more than is on her plan. I don't eat non-plan foods but I am eating more than 3 meals and 2 snacks. And what I'm noticing is that I am fine being hungry if I'm active: at the studio, cleaning up around the house, doing errands. But when I'm sedentary, sitting in front of the computer in particular, editing and doing the work I do, being hungry just isn't okay.

I'm beginning to discern the difference between hungry and restless, though they have some physical similarities, but I'm used to eating a great deal more and much more satiating foods. Two hours after a big salad, I'm hungry again, and if I'm sitting at the computer, working, I can't forget about it. My long-standing habit has been to fix that with food.

So a dilemma I'm facing is can I not only change what I eat but when and how much I eat all at the same time? Or do these need to be two different phases of change?

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