Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 38 Taking the next big step

I met today with my Feel Great project buddy, Lily Gael. We meet every two weeks for an hour or so to check in with each other, report on our food experiences and our non-food commitments as well and then set new goals.

Lily was telling me today about her recent experience of waking up feeling better, happier and more energetic. She has been practicing eating earlier in the evening and then not eating again until breakfast, so that her body can rest, instead of digest, during sleep. That would seem like a no-brain-er to anyone who wasn't a food addict, but having food restrictions of any kind is a panic-inducer for many of us.

My coach has, of course, been encouraging this, but just like in the 12-step arena, her recommendations are suggestions, not orders or requirements, and I've been pretty resistant until today. In talking with Lily, I was intrigued and so I dredged up my willingness and committed to two weeks of eating by 7 pm and nothing after. As I go to bed at 10 and Lily goes to bed at midnight or after, 3 hours may not be enough to feel the effects she's taking about, but at least it's a step in the right direction. I'm trying to look on this as an adventure, an experiment. And as Lily said, it's a positive use of will-power to hold this kind of healthy commitment. I'll see what happens and keep you posted.

PS The last of the non-plan foods left my house today, including the rest of the dark chocolate, which I have had no desire for whatsoever.

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