Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 44 Taking the plan on the road

Tomorrow morning I leave for a week at the Oregon Coast with good friends, the annual spring writing retreat on Netarts Bay. I've crammed in as much paid work as I can get done so that I don't have to take anything with me but my own writing, my own art, books to read, and naps to take.

And I am taking the plan with me. I've packed my crock pot (for easy veggie soups), my rice cooker (for steel-cut oats and brown rice), my juicer (for, well, juice), and my Nutri-Bullet blender. It sounds like a lot but it fits into two sturdy grocery bags and will support me in keeping to my routines. Besides, I'm taking my car.

Fortunately, I'm not going to a place where organic fruits and vegetables are hard to come by. Tillamook has a remodeled Fred Meyer's and a new Safeway and they both have organic sections. There may not be all the choices I 'd have here in Portland but there will be plenty and I'm taking enough veggies and fruits and plan foods with me for half the week.

I am the volunteer organizer of the retreat and therefore the general meal organizer. We do our own breakfast foods and cooking individually; then one of us fixes lunch and dinner each day. It works out well for costs and time. This retreat, I asked everyone to make a huge salad at lunch (a core item on my plan) and then each of us to bring lunch supplements as we wished. So people wanting a sandwich or cheese or crackers can do so and I'm bringing some plan foods (corn-sweet potato chips and hummus, chili, lentil soup, etc.). For dinner I've asked everyone to plan small portions of meat or fish and lots of veggies. We each bring our own salad dressing (that can be a landmine of foods I don't eat), contributions to the huge fruit bowl, and our own snacks and beverages.

We will eat out once and I'll check the menu. Most places serve a burger and salad and I can do that if need be. So I feel very confident and comfortable that I can take care of myself and stay on the plan.

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