Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 46 The vicissitudes of hunger

One of the more curious aspects of this food plan is the difference in my hunger level from day to day. Yesterday was a low hunger day. Each meal seemed quite satisfying and I didn't think much about food in-between. Day was a very hungry day and I wanted something every couple of hours, and sometimes that something wasn't enough either. I suspect there are many factors: metabolism, the amount of exercise, how busy I am or distracted. Or maybe it's just that I need differing amounts of fuel.

Yesterday I went to the gym and walked 30 minutes and lifted weights. I drove down through Salem into the wine country to visit my sister who lives down there now. A gorgeous drive on a gorgeous day. We had a salad for lunch. A gorgeous drive over to the coast. I arrived here at the retreat, unpacked my stuff, read a while outside, ate dinner with the others. Today I rose a bit early, wrote on my novel, wrote in my journal, walked 45 minutes on the beach, got a massage, read, wrote some more, had circle, had dinner, played some cards. Ostensibly not a lot of difference between the amount of sitting time and active time, the amount of deep engagement and satisfaction, the amount of enjoyment and relaxation.

I'm not stressed about these hunger differences. Just curious. On a diet, this would have been a disaster day. I ate two snack bars. I had peanut butter twice. I could beat myself up about that. But yesterday I had no snack bars and no peanut butter. The important thing is that both days, I stayed on the plan. I ate healthy. I exercised. I felt good.

Maybe there's a pattern that will reveal itself. Maybe not. And just maybe, it doesn't matter.

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