Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 48 Treating my body like a good friend

I've been reading Phyllis Theroux's The Journal Keeper, a memoir. It's full of very wise sayings and one that struck me is in her discussion of her own lack of exercise. She says, "What if I saw my body as a good friend that depends on me to take care of it?" This seems so simple, such a no-brainer, but that certainly hasn't been my relationship with my body.

I have treated that friend pretty well when it comes to exercising regularly but I have not done so with food. Instead I've been treating my shadow self well, the self that cries out for treats and quick fixes and way too much of everything. My misguided treatment of this friend has led to some unpleasant consequences that I am now trying to clean up. Already feeling much better, I'm finding it so worth it to do so. I'm learning to eat to empower myself, rather than just to power through unpleasant feelings or fatigue.

Instead of asking what do I feel like eating (i.e., what would taste great), I'm asking what's the best nutrition I can give myself (i.e., what will make me feel great). I think this is going to have far-reaching consequences for the way I am with myself. As we say in AA, more will be revealed.

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