Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 51 Taking extra good care of myself

I had a very melancholy day today in the aftermath of yesterday's upset, so I did things that I knew would help. I gave myself some extra time in bed this morning, I wrote out my thoughts and feelings in my journal. I did not skip the group meditation but I did turn down an offer for company while I walked on the beach. I knew I needed the solitude. I took a very long walk in the cool, windy sunshine and worked through some of my feelings and let some of them just be.

Two months ago, I would have handled this very differently. I would have eaten a lot and played and replayed the conversation in my head and then pretended to myself it hadn't happened. Today I was willing to sit with the tender sore heart that I have and cry some and just be sad. I avoided the group lunch so I wouldn't have to pretend everything was okay, and just did some things that felt engaging to me.

I did two other things. I opted for a second massage from Joe, the wonderful guy who comes to the house and works on all our aging bodies. He's a magician with structural issues and my foot and hip are much, much better.

I also fed myself extra nutrition. I had two big smooothies with greens juice and fruit instead of one. I ate a big bowl of vegetable soup. I fixed some extra veggies in the afternoon for a snack. I don't understand all the physiology of body and mood but I knew it couldn't hurt to feed my cells additional good stuff. Two months ago, that wouldn't even have occurred to me.

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