Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 52 Convenience, taste, and changing the way you feel

Last night before bed, one of my friends on the retreat and I sat down so I could give her a better idea of the food plan. She was thinking about giving it a try. She has struggled with weight and food issues probably as long as I have and she was intrigued by the results I was getting. I gave her the basic rundown (no wheat, no dairy, no soy, little sugar, little oil)--lots of plants and more plants and a little meat. I talked about the juicer and the blender and the crock pot and the rice cooker, all my new-found buddies.

"I don't think I can do this as strictly as you do," she said finally. "It sounds like too much work and I just like some things too much to give them up."

I didn't argue with that. I'm not trying to convince anybody to do this. In reality, this new eating plan is no more or less convenient than the way I ate before. It took some getting used to because it was different. But it isn't too much work for the benefits I'm experiencing. But she won't know that until she tries it for herself.

And today driving home, I was thinking about whether it's more important to have foods that taste good in a certain way or to feel good. The foods I eat now taste great, but it's a different kind of great. They taste fresh, clean, sweet. They don't taste rich, heavy, creamy, yummy in that way that ice cream and cheese do. Our palates have been seduced by the food industry, which has made a science of making foods irresistible by amping up the combinations of sugar, fat, and salt (The End of Overeating by a former US Surgeon General is an eye-opening book on the retail food business). So when you drastically reduce the amount of those three you eat, it's a big change. It takes a while to adjust. But for me it's been so worth it.

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