Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 53 An appropriate quote from Michael Pollan

In response to yesterday's blog, my friend Judy sent me this quote attributed to Michael Pollan, a food environmentalist. Eat food from the plants, not the [industrial]PLANT.

Many of us unwittingly consume a great deal more sugar, fat, and salt than we may think. As Kessler explains in The End of Overeating, ordering a plain chicken breast in any chain restaurant, including upscale chains, like Stanford's or Red Robin or TGIFriday's, is an exercise in getting more than you think. That chicken breast was soaked in oil, salt, and sugar and partially precooked, then frozen. It got thawed in another solution of oil, salt, and sugar before cooking. Similarly, most frozen french fries have been soaked in salt and oil and some sugar before freezing. This helps them to separate easily for cooking and serving. They also make foods hyper-palatable, and that has become a new standard. No wonder people I talk to about the plan don't want to give those foods up. I didn't either.

I heard Michael Pollan speak several years ago. He was very informative and entertaining, and what I remember most was him showing the audience a wrapped package of Twinkies that he had had for over 20 years. It had not decomposed because there was nothing in it that any creature could eat, including the bacteria that normally decomposes stuff. No chemicals are on my food plan, no matter how benign they seem. It takes a devotion to label-reading but I'm worth it.

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