Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 55 Won't you get bored?

Several friends have asked me this recently when I described the simplicity of the plan. Smoothie, salad, meat and veggies. How does one get enough variety? My answer has to be that I don't know. But I realized the other day,that what I am eating now is no less varied than what I was eating before. And I'm eating some of the same foods, just not the cheese and the milk and the bread and the mayo and the waffles and the butter. In fact, I am probably eating a wider variety of items since I now am consciously eating many more kinds of vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, fruits, and meats.

Still, it is possible that I will get tired of all this fresh food and want pizza or some other Italian pasta dish. Or that I will get a hankering for ice cream or a grilled cheese sandwich. But I don't think I will get bored with feeling great. I don't see why I would, and in order to eat those foods, I'd have to give that up and I don't want to.

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