Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 56 Why my food plan works when diets didn't

As I wrote some weeks back, I'm no stranger to diets. I was exposed to Weight Watchers and Slim Fast and all the fads over the years, from family and friends, magazine articles and diet books. I tried a bunch and I always lost weight through deprivation and I always let it creep back on because the restricted eating was so hard to keep up. I also did a lot of anxiety weight control in my young adult years. Emotional upsets would kill my appetite for some weeks or even months and my weight get to a place where I thought I looked better. Then I'd get happy and eat more and put on weight.

This is a whole different experience, because none of those diets were about excellent nutrition. They were about weird food combinations, or portion control, or fake foods. They were about how much, not what. Changing what I eat has put the how much into a new perspective. This is not a food plan about not eating, but about eating a great deal of the right things. It's not about suffering but about feeling great with weight loss as a bonus. I'm so glad I found this path.

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