Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 58 A sneak attack of Diet Mind

Yesterday was 8 weeks on the plan and my agreement with my coach was to weigh every four weeks on Monday morning, same time, same scale. The first Monday I weighed I was very excited because I could tell I'd lost some significant weight and the scale showed a loss of 14 pounds more or less (my scale is old and it's not digital). And I felt very proud and happy and that set an impossibly and most likely very unhealthy bar for yesterday.

So I was apprehensive. I didn't feel much thinner although I certainly wasn't gaining but I wanted another impressive win, another big loss. It was suddenly all about the numbers. I'd lost another 4 pounds but it was hard to see that as great. There wasn't huge excitement, a huge sense of victory. And it took me a little time to get over that, to see that as a visit from Diet Mind.

I was glad to get reassurance from Elisabeth, my coach, that this is all great. That things are moving in the right direction. At the same time, it's hard to give up the old way of thinking, the measuring, the comparing, the expectations and just stick with my goal of feeling great. And step back into devotion.

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