Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 60 Loving the slow cooker

Several years ago for Christmas, I asked and received a slow cooker, aka crock pot. For years I'd been borrowing my friend Melanie's to keep cider warm at my annual holiday open house and having my own seemed more convenient. I also thought maybe I'd start cooking in it. That didn't happen. Not until I started this food plan and began to think about how I was going to eat more vegetables and not slave in the kitchen.

Now the crock pot is a favorite appliance. Once a week, I make a soup with different combinations of vegetables, organic beans (canned) and or lentils, and broth. I love the soups, I love the combining, I love how easy it is. Soup is a recommended snack on my plan and I find it very satisfying and soothing. Here are some combinations I've tried and the shortcuts I use to keeping it really simple. Each soup takes about 4 hours to be delicious and will keep for a few days.

Soup #1

Chopped celery and red pepper
Sliced small yellow potatoes
Can of organic white beans
Box of Pacific organic beef broth
As much spinach as I can stuff in crock pot on top of everything else
Any seasonings you like

Soup #2
Chopped celery, onion, orange pepper
1/2 head of cauliflower in small chunks
Cup of lentils (I like organic sprouted lentils)
Box of Pacific organic chicken broth
Handful or two of baby kale
Any seasonings you like
Great over brown rice or quinoa

Chopped celery
Chunks of sweet potato
A small apple chopped
1 can organic black beans
Chopped Swiss chard
Box of Pacific organic vegetable broth
Seasonings including a little curry

Bon appetit!

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