Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 64 Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead now on You Tube

I found out today from my coach that one of the films that inspired me to make the eating changes I've made is now available on You Tube for free. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead follows Joe, a rather charismatic and overweight Australian, as he travels across the US by car talking to people about their weight, their eating habits, and their health. During the 60 days of the trip, he drinks only fresh juice that he makes on a juicer in the back of his car.

As my coach said in her note, the juicing isn't nearly as important as the fact that Joe takes charge of his own health (he's been on steroids for an auto-immune skin disease for 9 years!). He convinces a few people he meets to try the juicing and eating differently and they too have marvelous results, both in weight loss and in energy but also in happiness and clarity. That is what inspired me: they all felt terrific! And I wanted that. Attraction rather than promotion. It works!

PS You can check out Joe Cross's web site:

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