Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 65 My food diary experience

Yesterday, I forwarded my food diary to my coach. She asked me to keep track of what I ate for 2-3 days but I knew that wouldn't be long enough to tell the whole story. I know myself pretty well and I can be "good" for 2-3 days. I knew I could just eat the right things in the right amounts and look like the perfect client if it was only a couple of days.

So I kept the diary for a full week. I put down what I ate when I was being cautious and compliant and what I ate when I was not. I found myself eating more than I needed at some times and just doing it anyway. I didn't want to write down what I had eaten but I did. Rigorous honesty does really serve us. I've found that out in the years I've been sober. It always helps me to say what's so.

I don't have Elisabeth's analysis yet (our next coaching session is on Thursday afternoon), but I can see where the hungry times are and the role that work at the computer seems to play in my hunger. I may have to think about rearranging my schedule in some ways. Hmmm.

I didn't find the diary tedious. I kept it in a Word document and just opened it up and wrote down what I had eaten the last couple of meals. I don't know if there's more to learn from it by doing it persistently. I don't know if it will modify behaviors in and of itself. Something to think about.

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