Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 67 My two overeating challenges

All of my overeating behaviors have not vanished although I wish they would. I had my phone consult with my coach, Elisabeth, this afternoon. She had sent me back an edited version of my food diary with a very few tweaks (less nut butter, skip the dried fruit and eat fresh) and we talked about that and how things were going. I told her I had two challenges around eating more than I needed.

The first was when I got too hungry. I had a couple of experiences over the last two weeks where I had lunch too late (breakfast at 8 and lunch at 2). In both cases, I was out and about and just got busy and diet mind kicked in and I said wow, I can eat less by not eating until I get home. But once I got home and fixed some lunch, I was ravenous and a bowl of soup and a big salad and I was full but not satisfied. It took a fair amount more food to get me even enough to stop. So we talked about things I can carry with me to eat in such cases.

The second challenge is tougher. Some of my paid editing work isn't the least bit riveting. I have to pay close attention and that can be tedious hour after hour, so for a long time (like 18 years) I've been using food rewards to get me through the restlessness that comes with the boring parts of the job. The thing about food is that I can eat while I work so I go on earning and getting things off the to-do list. I can't walk around the block and keep working or read a novel and keep working or call a friend and keep working or take a shower or any of the other things I can think to do. For so long, food has been the perfect work buddy! But I really don't want to go on overeating even if the food is healthy and low calorie. I want to stop using food as a drug. Elisabeth didn't have an immediate answer but we both agreed to give it some thought.

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