Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 71 I'm cooking!

With a few exceptions (family and old, old friends), most of the people I hang out with are PS friends (post-sobriety). They didn't know me drunk and they didn't know me when I cooked. When I got sober, I just couldn't cook anymore. I was used to cooking with wine. Not in the dishes. I've never particularly liked wine sauces or liquored desserts. But I always had a drink or six while I cooked. And I just found it too much of a trigger to spend much time in the kitchen without that support.

So I became a fixer. I fixed meals, much of it frozen at first and then from the wealth of excellent delis in Portland's foodie grocery stores. I ate well and had no complaints except for the slowly creeping poundage adding itself to a frame already well padded already by sweets and a fondness for Cheetos.

In those old drinking days, I was actually a pretty good cook with a knack for throwing stuff together (I was never one for recipes--too exacting, too tedious). But I never thought I'd cook again and now look at me. Twice a week or so I make soup in the crock pot (today's:  potatoes, green beans, bok choy, green lentils, lemon salt, tuscan herbs, organic vegetable broth). Hey, it's what I had and it's delicious. Most days I create juice and a smoothie. I'm learning all kinds of things about cooking with vegetables.

I find it very creative and exciting to put these combinations together, just like I do with the juicer. Sometimes, it's not so successful (don't put radish greens in the juicer, trust me on that one) but mostly it's great fun and delicious. Who knew I'd enjoy this so much?

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