Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 72 A friend's experience with the Plan

Here’s a guest blog from my good friend and Plan buddy, Lily. I asked her to tell you all how she’s doing with her changes.

Jill and I have spent lots of time talking about food, the corporate food industry, our own eating compulsions, weight gain, and the waxing/waning desire to make a change around food that is realistic and has a spiritual component. So when Jill said she was going to work with a nutritional coach, a woman she knew, trusted, and was affordable, I said, sign me up.

I’m a member of OA and for 6 years I’ve not eaten sugar or wheat (and numerous other foodstuff from time to time), and I’ve been on a food plan. This constitutes what OA calls “being abstinent.” I get it that my relationship with food can be transformed, because mine has. I lost and keep off a chunk of weight (pun intended), learned the size of my real (vs imagined) stomach, a normal portion size, and I now eat, most days, 3 times a day, with a snack now and then. Bonus is I also found a deeper, more honest relationship with myself and with others in my life, replacing people and their support for the (faux) comfort of food. But over the past 6 months, I began to sense that there was more to know about my relationship with food and eating. So I welcomed Elisabeth, the coaching, and the Plan into my life.

After my initial interview with Elisabeth, I felt like I’d found a coach who just might move with me toward what my body was telling me it wanted now: more green things, less meat, please (that’s a begging please, by the way). I got clear info in my coaching sessions that I was entering a process, a shift toward fulfilling my body’s needs with different, more nutritionally dense, whole foods, not a diet. I’m finding that I’ve entered a process for a whole life change that is actually more radical than any diet, an essential realignment with what I do or do not put in my mouth that allows my body to have it’s way with me (wink wink).

Each coaching phone call, we talk about how it’s going, what worked, what didn’t, and what I’m resisting or loving. I think I’m about 9 weeks in, about 2 weeks behind Jill. As of the last coaching call, I can now explain to others, when they ask, that I’m eating “vegan” while occasionally eating meat (2-4oz a day)! Big change from even a year ago when I was wondering if Paleo might be a plan I could benefit from, since it was already so close to how I ate (meat, oil, veggies), though I was also eating dairy products then, too.

I feel humbled by the way my body now speaks to me, letting me know the Plan is good medicine for me. After 2 weeks, I was waking up and running to the mirror to see if it was still true that my eyes were no longer puffy, then I’d notice my joints didn’t ache after I’d jumped out of bed, and that I could breathe freely before I used my prescription nasal spray. Yippee! And imagine, this was even before I reached week 6, when the relentless feeling good all the time set in. 

Lily Gael

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