Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 80 A typical day's food

Here's what a day looks like on the food plan for me:

Large glass of sparkling water with fresh lemon first thing (remember to brush teeth after, not before, to avoid major puckering)

About 45 minutes later, 16 oz of green juice smoothie (juice = kale, cucumber, apple, parsley, romaine, carrots, cherry tomatoes) with banana, the other half of the apple, blueberries. I make a quart and drink half in the early morning.

About 10 (after the gym), I ate a bowl of steel cut oats with raspberries and banana (other half from the smoothie), a little maple agave and a splash of rice milk. Today's oats were cooked with a cap of vanilla extract in the water. Sometimes I add nuts but I didn't today.

About 12:30, I ate a big bowl of veggie soup (potatoes, green beans, corn, celery, spinach in organic beef broth) and a rice cake with some almond butter

About 5, I had the other half of the smoothie

About 6, I had a huge salad with many veggies, some black beans, a few black olives and 2 oz. of lean ham with 2 T. of salad dressing. I also ate a Larabar (dates and nuts).

I make the oats in the electric rice cooker and make enough for 3-4 days at a time. I make the soup in the crock pot and make enough for 3-4 days at a time.

Yesterday for lunch I had a small pork chop cooked in a South African curry sauce with zucchini, spinach, and apricots over brown rice with a kale salad. Last night for dinner I had a medium veggie salad and a bowl of black bean chili.

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