Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 82 What constitutes food sobriety for me?

I've figured out what abstinence on this plan is. No wheat, dairy, or soy, as little processed food as possible, nothing with chemicals, no refined sugars. Abstinence I'm deeply familiar with. I've been abstinent from alcohol and drugs for more than 23 years and my life has been greatly enriched by that abstinence. But it is not possible to abstain from food. And more of the time than I would like, I am still overeating, albeit on foods on the plan.

So I'm in an inquiry to see if I can define for myself what constitutes food sobriety. Is it 3 meals a day? Is it a food plan for each day, that I do or do not tell a sponsor or trusted friend as one does in OA? Does it mean a certain number of calories a day or fat grams? I don't know the answer yet but maybe I'll do a 16 solutions on it and see what comes up as possibilities.

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Vicki said...

Perfect insight. I've stayed away from OA because I couldn't wrap my head around the abstinence. Now I get it. Thanks for sharing this journey.