Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 93 A mild missing of restaurant freedom

There's a lot of terrific food in Portland. In fact, we're becoming one of the major eating cities of America. In a mile radius of my apartment, there are probably 40 restaurants, 20 of them top-notch. But most of them. as far as I know, are not catering to those of us on the Plan.

Breakfast may be the hardest meal to eat out. Restaurant breakfast is heavy on wheat, dairy, and animal protein: eggs, toast, butter, sausage, bacon. While it is possible to get oatmeal in many places, it's almost impossible to get rice milk or almond milk (the alternative is invariably soy milk here). So when my friend Diane and her husband Doug showed up for brunch on Sunday, I briefly mourned all the places we weren't going with their 3-egg/sausage/cheese scrambles and their buttermilk pancakes and their homemade biscuits slathered with butter.

We ended up walking over to a restaurant a few blocks away that caters to people with sensitive diets. I ordered two poached eggs, steamed spinach, and a rather wretched gluten-free English muffin (which, by the way, bore no resemblance to an English muffin except that it was white and round). The eggs and spinach were fine but they weren't enough and I ended up eating the pathetic muffin with jam. Next time I'll order a big bowl of fruit, a much better alternative.

I'm not unhappy at all with what I'm eating but I do mildly miss a wider choice of eating-out options.

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