Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 106 Move away from the table

Yesterday was a big family breakfast to celebrate my nephew Alex's graduation from college. There were about a dozen of us and some family friends who hadn't been around in a while so we sat at the table for a long time. This is not so good for me.

Yes, I enjoyed the conversations and it was great to be with everybody. And yes, I had taken my own foods so that I could bypass the quiche and the bagels and cream cheese. I took some deviled eggs and a spinach and black bean salad. There was also a great fruit salad. So I stayed on the plan.

But I ate too much. And I realized that I have trouble not continuing to eat if I'm at the table and food is present. I ate fruit and that was okay but I just kept eating and I watched myself do it and I let it be okay. But I felt better when I got up and started doing the dishes. Then when I came back to the table for the last of the conversations, the food was gone. I need to move away from the table in those circumstances.

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