Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 108 Having a food plan buddy

My Food Plan buddy Lily and I get together every two weeks. Lily is two weeks behind me; that is, she started working with Elisabeth Dunham, our coach, two weeks after I did. It has been fascinating to watch many of the same things happen to her, just a little later.

We don't follow exactly the same food plan. Lily's been off a number of the foods for some years as she healed up from Chronic Fatigue. And she does just fine with soy and I don't. But we are both committed to healthy relationships with our bodies and what nourishes them, and so we have rich and wonderful conversations along those lines for a couple of hours every two weeks.

At first we talked about all the changes we were experiencing. Deciding the green juice wasn't too bad. Confessing a week or two later that we craved the juice. Our favorite juice and smoothie combinations. The first time our clothes felt looser. Noticing how great our skin looked. Losing our missing for the old foods. Becoming obnoxiously cheerful. Settling in to the routine of it. Wondering aloud together if we'd get bored.

Now we talk about other things. The plan isn't new anymore. It's how I eat and I suspect how she eats. And we're finding that our parts of our lives are opening up--emotions, dreams, visions--and it's great to have someone to share that with too.

If you're thinking about doing the Plan, see if you can find a good friend to do it with you. It may make all the difference.

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