Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 109 Hot, humid, old creepy feelings

We're moving into a heat wave, one of my least favorite weather events. I like it about 70 degrees. Today it was close to 80, tomorrow 90, then up close to 100 coming up. Usually when it is hot like that here, it is quite dry. But because we've had a lot of rain lately, the ground is saturated and the air is very humid, a fairly rare condition here. But that doesn't make it any more pleasant when it comes.

For 11 years, most of them drunk years, I lived in the heat and humidity of the South and the Northeast. The places I could afford to live in didn't have air conditioning and so iced bourbon was my coolant. And hangovers and humidity, common companions. So when the weather gets like this and everything is closed up against the summer, rather than open and spacious and cool and inviting, I get old feelings that are as uncomfortable as the weather.

They're not triggering me to drink and not even to overeat but I don't feel right in my skin and I associate that with a lot of bad memories. May the weather change come quickly!

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