Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 111 Hitting the bars

At the noon meeting today, one of the men talked about how happy he'd been when he woke up today and then after a scone and a latte and 30 minutes had passed, he'd felt miserable and cranky. I wanted to rush over to him and say, "Stop eating that crap! You don't have to feel that way." But of course, I didn't. I'm zealous about the benefits of the program for me and I also know how long it took me to be willing to even try it. But it got me thinking about snacks and treats and how many places there are that we go that don't serve anything that's very good for us.

Fortunately, there are healthy bars. My coach turned me on to Larabars, made of dates, nuts, and other fruits (and some have dark chocolate). They are dairy, wheat, and soy free. Clif Bars now makes a version of those called Kit's Bars: same simple format. The Kit's Bars are a little smaller and thus a little less caloric.

There are decent bars made by Raw Organic and Two Moms in the Raw. And Raw Revolution makes some sinfully good ones that are also simple and don't violate the plan. And when I just have to have a cookie-like thing, I'll eat a Bobo's Oat Bar. It has a lot more ingredients than the others but all safe.

They are not particularly low-fate (nuts) or low-sugar (dates) but they are plant-based and minimally processed and that works for me. I keep two bars in my purse and two in my glove compartment just in case. I don't eat them every day but it's nice to know they're available. And I served two bars and fresh berries to my friend Isabelle for her birthday lunch today. They weren't cake but they were sweet and it was a nice treat.

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