Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 83 Less fat, less sick, and much more alive

I'm up in Mosier in the Columbia Gorge, visiting my sister for the weekend. She's eaten mostly vegetarian for a long time and has always gently encouraged me to eat as healthy as I can. And I think for all those years, even when it wasn't very healthy, it was still the best I could do--at least it was what I was willing to do.

Tonight, we watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, the Joe Cross film about juicing and micronutrients that was part of my inspiration for getting on the Plan. It's a good film and very inspirational and I was glad to see it again. I have not done the juice fasting that Joe recommends, his Reboot program, but I bought a juicer after I watched the film and green juice has become a staple of my plan.

I'm completely convinced that a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables is the best thing for me, and seeing the film again and noting not only the physical transformation but the emotional transformation of Joe and the people he introduces to this way of eating made me glad again that I got willing to step onto this path.

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