Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 87 Finding more baskets for my eggs

For more time than I care to admit, I have put most of my pleasure eggs in one basket: food. Sure, I enjoyed other things but none so much as ice cream or caramels or cheetos or chocolate or cookies or you name it. I always kept a good stock of my food drug of choice close at hand. A reliable pleasure. A best friend. Now, I have to expand my horizons. I have to invest in other pleasures.

For several years, I have eyed porch swings at our local superstore, Fred Meyer. And a month into the Plan, without any specific plan, I was there shopping and on an impulse that BP (Before the Plan), I would have indulged in the candy aisle, I bought one. With delivery (it weighs 90 pounds), it cost about two months worth of ice cream ($225) in my bingeing heyday. It was delivered two days later and I spent two hours assembling it (quite proud of myself for doing that) and figuring out where to place it on my patio. It has become a popular seating item during the groups I hold here and other gatherings of friends.

And yesterday, about 4 pm, weary from editing, I went out and took a nap on the swing. It was warm out, lightly breezy, and Sammy, the kitten, who loves the swing, came and napped with me. I slept for a blissful half hour. This is a good swinging basket to be putting some of my pleasure eggs in.

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