Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 88 Thinking inside the box

My neighbor/friend/sister Melanie, who's also my gym buddy of long standing, is sharing a CSA box with me this summer. In Portland, there are a number of ways to do community-supported agriculture and we bought a half-share to split in the 47th St. Farm, which is on our side of town. On Tuesdays wego and pick up our stuff (one bunch of this, two bunches of that, 1/2 pound of this, and so). Of course, we get what is in season, not what we necessarily are looking for.

She and I did this years ago but I wasn't ever cooking then and most of the produce just went to rot in my fridge. I didn't juice and I didn't eat a big raw salad most days like I do now. We thought at first that there wouldn't be enough and of some things, there aren't. I go through 3-4 bunches of kale a week and an equal amount of spinach, apples, and cucumbers for my juice, but there is a lot of other stuff to play with.

This Tuesday there was a ziplock bag of huge white beans. I had never cooked beans (except to heat them from a can) so I read a few recipes online and decided to cook them in chicken broth in the crock pot. I didn't know if they were dried or fresh (turned out they were fresh) and in about 3 hours, they were done.

They were actually quite tasty. I mashed up some of them and mixed them with Trader Joe's guacamole, so the dip would have more protein and less fat. I ate some of them in salad and some as a main course of protein. I was very proud of myself. For those of you who cook a lot and enjoy it, this would be no big deal. For me, a confirmed non-cook, it is a very big deal.

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