Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 92 The old tyranny of the scale

I've passed the three-month (13 weeks I've been on the Plan) and I weighed myself again today. Actually, I've been weighing every Monday for the past 5 weeks. I lost 14 pounds the first month (my coach attributes this to getting off dairy), 4 pounds the second month, and 6-8 pounds the third.

Why the indefinite number this last month? Well, last Monday my total weight loss was 22 pounds. Today two of those pounds showed back up on the scale instead of the additional 40 pounds I was hoping to lose last week. I've actually been up and down on the scale on Mondays the last week so I'm not concerned, not really.

But that 40 pounds I hoped to lose last week? That's the old diet thinking. I want the loss to be steady, huge, healthy, and permanent. Only two of those are probably realistic: healthy and permanent.

Did I eat more last week than I did the week before? I don't know. Have I reached a plateau? I don't really think so. I think there are some vagaries of metabolism and body responses. I haven't exercised as much the last week, after injuring my back mowing the lawn for my sister. Does that make a two-pound difference? I doubt it. Will the weight be gone next week? Maybe so. Am I quitting the plan because I gained two pounds back. No way. I feel too good.

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