Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 94 At the moment, the thrill is gone

I've been a bit low the last couple of days. First, after two glorious weeks of warm weather and sunshine, an anomaly for Portland in June, we're back to normal weather: cool, cloudy, some rain. My body and mood are susceptible to swings in the barometer so I've been a little out of sorts. But I also realized today, as I was getting ready to meet with my Plan buddy, Lily, that the novelty of the Plan is wearing off.

Of course, it was going to. A new way of eating is only new so long. A new way of feeling becomes the norm and isn't so remarkable anymore. We get used to things, both bad things and good things. And after 94 days, the Plan is how I eat. The challenges aren't mystifying, the green juice and smoothies are a constant. I plan ahead and have lots of salad and veggies available. I'm still experimenting with the crock pot and making interesting things, but none of this is so revolutionary.

At the same time, three months isn't very long at all, compared to more than 50 years of a not great relationship with food. There's lots to learn, lots to be careful of, one day at a time. And I'm hoping there will be more thrills ahead.

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Susansweaters said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I am trying to eat healthier too as well as shed a few pounds.