Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 99 Being prepared: The Plan on the road

Today, my family drove to Eugene, about two hours away, for the graduation of my nephew Alex from the University of Oregon. We left about 10:30 and I got home at 8. I had scouted out a place for lunch along the way, an Indian restaurant that came recommended by a friend. Indian food is usually on the Plan although the white rice isn't the most nutritious. There were plenty of choices at this place although none of it was very good  but I ate enough. I also ate a Larabar, a safe Plan snack, a bit later in the car.

Our original plan was to be through there at 5 and home by 7 for dinner. Well, that didn't go as planned. The program ran late, we took a lot of photos, and then we waited for the shuttle bus for a half hour and then spent another half-hour in traffic inching towards the big lot where we had left the car. At 5:30, I was ravenous and ate another Larabar on the bus, though two in a day is not on the Plan. I could easily have eaten a third or a fourth, but I didn't. But when I got home and got some dinner fixed, it was 8:30 and I was too hungry and that means I keep eating until I'm stuffed.

My friend Bob Wilson, who has been happily thin for decades after weighing close to 400 pounds in high school, always, without fail, carries a food bag of real food with him. And I realized this evening, that I could have put salad in a tupperware or had carrots or cucumbers or radishes in a baggie. I'm the one who has to be prepared for the unforeseen to keep myself fed. A good lesson today.

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